FinX comprises experts from various fields viz. Sugar Mills, Turbines, Boilers, Boiling House Equipment, Co-Generation, Synchronization, Rehabilitation, and Refurbishment Projects with experience ranging from 25 to 50 years.

Being a professionally managed engineering consultancy and detailed engineering organisation, FinX provides services for the development of Sugar, Cogeneration, and Distillery projects with plant and equipment design. 

FinX is a Consultancy firm in the Sugar Industry that specialises in engineering and Consultancy Services for the Cane Sugar Industry in the production of Sugar (White, Raw, and Refined), cogeneration, and Distillery ( rectified Spirit and ENA ). The extensive profile of the firm covers a complete spectrum of services through projects executed in India and overseas.

FinX has been promoted by a team of well-qualified engineers who have worked earlier with well-reputed organizations related to sugar processing, sugar consultancy, and Turnkey sugar equipment manufacturing and plant-supplying industries.

FinX consists of a group of professionals with proven expertise and capability in the sugar plant Equipment and System, Boiler with Cogeneration & Distillery, Piping Design & Engineering, Electrical & Instrumentation System Design, Project Management, Procurement Services, and Field Erection / Commissioning Services, having the experience to work for National and International Standards.


An area of specialisation of the team has gained considerable popularity in the stabilisation and optimisation of plant capacities so that expansions and rehabilitations of existing factories are achieved at minimum cost. This competence has proven to be of immense benefit to the Sugar Industry and has contributed to the optimisation of project investment.


An important activity of this team is the development of innovative new designs. Several new structures that were developed have been implemented in sugar industries and working very effectively and satisfactorily.


The professional experts of the company have vast experience in the field of activities in which the company is engaged, and most have extensive exposure to international consultancy work.

Extensive overseas experience in executing the complete Turn Key sugar projects in these countries

South Africa
South America


  • Total engineering and consultancy services from concept to commissioning for new sugar projects and for balancing, modernization, rehabilitation and expansion of existing and new sugar factories


  • Plant layouts, P&ID, Piping Engineering, Complete Electrical System Design and Engineering for both HT and LT Systems, Factory Infrastructure Designs, Civil Engineering for Execution of Machinery Foundations and Structures.
  • Detailed Engineering Designs, Design and Manufacturing Drawings for Sugar Machinery
  • Procurement Assistance for Plant and Machinery involving Tender Documents, Tender Evaluation and Contract Documentation

  • Advisory Services on Factory Maintenance and Operations with Troubleshooting and Problem Analysis, Plant Rehabilitation and Modernization
  • Workforce for the operation, overhauling, and maintenance on a contract basis

  • Project Management on Behalf of Owner
  • Monitoring the Project and Performance Tests to Ensure Compliance with Contract Requirements
  • Start-up and Commissioning of Plant and Equipment along with Manpower Requirement Studies
  • Manpower requirement studies

  • Feasibility studies for rehabilitation, modernisation, and expansion of existing sugar factories
  • Evaluation/Appraisal of Sugar Factories
  • Project Identification, Feasibility Study, Detailed Project Report and Detailed Project Design

  • Detailed study on all aspects of sugar cane agronomy
  • Control of pests and diseases of sugarcane

  • Field mechanisation equipment for tillage and cultivation

  • Cane harvesting and transport systems, Irrigation, and drainage systems


Computation of project costs, financial analysis of project proposals, and management and operation analysis of the plant for optimizing production Costs. Techno- Commercial analysis, Overall project cost estimates; Profit and loss statement for sugar manufacturing operations, cogeneration, and Distillery; Cash flow statement for 10 years, including IRR, DSCR, and payback projections.


  • Plant layouts, Process Flow diagrams, Piping engineering 
  • Complete electrical system design and engineering for both HT and LT systems
  • Detailed engineering designs and manufacturing drawings for sugar plant and machinery
  • Factory infrastructure designs and civil engineering for the execution of machinery foundations and structures
  • Procurement assistance for plant and machinery involving tender documents, tender evaluation, and contract documentation
  • Inspection, including stage inspection on the shop floor during the manufacture of equipment and supervision/inspection during the construction of equipment and installation
  • Project management on behalf of the owner. Start-up and commissioning of plant and equipment
  • Manpower requirement studies
  • Monitoring the project and performance tests to ensure compliance with contract requirements
  • Management services for the sugar complex
  • Project Appraisals
  • Development of new technologies
  • Optimization of operational efficiency
  • Training and orientation of local factory personnel in new technologies and designs
  • All aspects of sugar cane agriculture, including mechanised field operations
  • Plant rehabilitation and modernization
  • Feasibility studies for new sugar projects
  • Feasibility studies for rehabilitation, modernisation, and expansion of existing sugar factories
  • Evaluation/appraisal of sugar factories 
  • Management and operational analysis for optimising production costs
  • Technological studies of factory operations and processes


  • Experience in the highest administrative positions in operating various well-renowned domestic and international companies with excellent administration skills.
  • Extensive experience in Sugar marketing with local & overseas clients.
  • Experience in Project Coordination & Management for Green Fields, Expansion & Rehabilitation of sugar projects & sugar refineries in INDIA and Overseas projects.
  • Experience in the process plant operation of White sugar, Refined Sugar, and Jaggery (solid and liquid Jaggery, Jaggery powder) from the concept till commissioning.
  • Experience in preparing Detailed Project Reports & Bid Documents for the set up of a new sugar plant & refinery. Preparation & Evaluation of the Technical Specifications and Technical Schedule & Assessment of the Techno commercial bid documents.
  • Experience in preparation of material balance, steam balance, condensate balance, power balance, heat transfer calculations for juice heaters & evaporators, etc.
  • Experience in design & capacity calculations of process equipment for the Sugar Plant & Sugar Refinery Industry.
  • Experience in handling projects from the concept to commissioning & execution of sugar plants & sugar refineries with excellent financial planning.
  • Proper Planning and management activities for completion of the project with project time implementation schedule. Best Project management skills & experience in interaction with local & overseas clients.

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