The process of Debt Syndication requires a strong knowledge base combined with excellent and long-lasting relationships with banks and other financial institutions, along with the efficient analytical ability to bring to the clients the best deal at the latest time.

FinX is one of the leading I-banking firms offering debt syndication services to entrepreneurs, corporates, and investors. Having strong connections with banks across the globe, both in the Public and Private sectors, renowned Financial Institutions, and NBFCs, we provide timely and customized solutions to clients. FinX advises its clients on the optimal capital structure, depending on the company’s cash flows, industry-specific issues, and nature of assets.

Having developed special techniques, FinX has been playing a significant role as an arranger for debt syndication, providing the best deals to its clients within a legitimate time frame. Debt Syndication services provided by FinX cover both fund-based and non-fund-based aspects.


Besides quick approval, term loans offer a great deal of feasibility. FinX helps businesses take a term loan, which effectively frees their cash flow for use in other areas. These term loans are ideal for funding greenfield projects, purchasing machinery, acquisitions, refinancing existing debt, and other similar requirements.


To run a business effectively and maintain its daily operational needs, it is crucial to take care of short-term financial requirements. FinX has expertise in assisting its clients to avail working capital loans at attractive interest rates and straightforward eligibility criteria. The WCL is relevant for businesses in the manufacturing, services, retailing, and trading sectors. 


Factoring is an Asset Based Lending (ABL) product having an emphasis on the value of the receivables of a company. It is a flexible facility in a way that financing is closely linked to the turnover assigned and can be utilized depending on the client’s needs. Based on the company’s profile, FinX provides client-centric services having better efficiency in terms of pricing, service time, operational workload, etc.


The Non-fund-based credit facilities include a Bank Guarantee, Letter of Credit, LC Advising/Confirming Services, Co-acceptance Facilities, Solvency Certificates, and Credit Reports. FinX possesses expertise in providing non-fund-based financing to its clients for procurement of goods and fixed assets, availing buyer’s credit, etc., both from domestic and international banks.

The other services offered by FinX under Debt Syndication include:

Corporate Loans

Corporate Loans

Securitization of Services

Securitisation of Assets


Unsecured Loans

External Commercial Borrowings

Debt Restructuring

Project Financing


FinX specialises in providing advisory services in various business domains by enabling clients to explore new market segments by mitigating financial risk thereby, aiming to enhance profitability and accomplish organizational goals.

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