The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 came into existence through a Presidential assent in May 2016 and was implemented by the parliament in November 2016. Over the last couple of years, this code has gone through certain Amendments. It was initially conceived to be an Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to reorganisation and insolvency resolution of Corporate Persons, Partnership Firms, and Individuals in a time-bound manner. benefit

It was thought that this Code would be beneficial mainly to banks and financial institutions to help them recover their dues from defaulting borrowers. Though majorly that may be true, the purpose of this Code is to find the Resolution Process whereby the assets of the institution are safeguarded. It may be a financial institution or even a corporate entity.  The other advantage of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code is that it can be used by Corporates to recover their outstanding receivables without many hassles.

A recovery mechanism, commonly known as the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (CIRP), is an activity that can be carried out by financial creditors, operational creditors, or corporates in case they become insolvent due to a lack of adequate cash flow in the business. It is hence necessary to conduct a proper evaluation of the entity and identify potential investors promptly to resolve the issues of insolvency.

FinX has a well-qualified team of experts, having a strong association with a panel of lawyers, chartered accountants, and forensic auditors to provide services related to CIRP. Providing strategic financial advice and suggesting a cost-effective business plan to ensure the smooth running of operations is the main focus of FinX in this domain.

FinX has a strong Team of Resolution Professionals who have got the requisite certifications from IBBI and experience in handling Insolvency Resolution cases. Not only this, but FinX can also help Companies who are going through the Insolvency Resolution Process by being the interface between the Company and the Insolvency Professional appointed by the IBBI and handling things professionally. This helps find the best resolution deal from the Company’s perspective.

There is a misconception that the IBC Code was put in place only to help recoveries, but there are much bigger objectives. One of the main objectives is to help the revival of the company, which has gone through some tough times. FinX, with its expertise in investment banking, can certainly play a significant role in the process. 

Another benefit that accrues from the acquisition of a Company under the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process ( CIRP )  is that the buyer gets a Clean Company, totally free from all its earlier defaults and Non-compliances made by the Company, including Tax obligations (if any). 

Another benefit is that the buyer can make payments to the Banks and Financial Institutions in tranches as per the resolution plan proposed and finalized. Also, at times Banks are ready to give a good amount of haircut on the total existing loan exposure, and hence the buyer gets a huge benefit in the purchase consideration, and also the contracts get materialized fast. With a core competence in this field, FinX can play a massive role in the negotiation process and closure of deals.

FinX is Insolvency Professional Entity (IPE) and is registered with the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Board of India under Insolvency & Bankruptcy Board with an aim to provide complete Insolvency Professionals Services to various stakeholders.

The founders of the company are eminent professional chartered accountants, having rich professional experience in the field of NPA Management, Business Restructure Plans, Business Turnaround, Corporate Laws, Corporate Planning and advisory, Taxation, and Auditing & Assurance services.

FinX has a panel of Professionals, including Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, MBAs, Industrial experts, and qualified professionals to manage the affairs of Corporate Debtors as a going concern.

FinX has formulated software that would enable handling resolution and liquidation assignments, wherein the work would be properly allocated, providing a mechanism to collate information attributable to each job, scheduling the email and document sending to stakeholders, all this with ease of access. The said software would also keep a record of the man-hours that would be allocated and would even provide formats for the standardization of the work, all in one place. Additionally, the software would enable the storage of treated documents, which could well be easily retrieved, as and when the need arises.

FinX has been an active contributor to papers and journals, providing quite a significant number of articles and case stories that relate to a wide gamut of topics concerning the recent and emerging issues of Insolvency and Bankruptcy.


Following support services are extended by different teams of AAAIP for efficient handling of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Processes:

Following support services are extended by different teams of AAAIP for efficient handling of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Processes:

  • Advisory Services to IRP /RP/ Liquidator – Our Team is providing the services for the smooth handling of the CIRP process
  • Legal Service – Our Legal team provides all legal services, including filling all kinds of petitions to NCLT and NCLAT, HC, and Hon’ble Supreme Court, particularly Insolvency and Company law related
  • Claim Verification
  • Control and Custody of Corporate Debtor
  • Legal Aspects of CIRP
  • Legal and Financial Due Diligence
  • Resolution Plan Facilitation
  • Liquidation Process
  • Asset Sale
  • Information Technology Support
  • Valuation Services

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