FinX assists in structuring a private equity fund in the most tax-efficient manner. Our experts address issues like the tax position of your investors and the impact on your carried interest or co-investment schemes when the funding institution makes investments.

We ensure that maximum valuation deals are clicked with handholding support to our clients by implementing the agreed structure, thereby, helping in setting up entities.


FinX’s private placement services are focused on raising capital from institutional investors for a variety of investment vehicles, and from time to time from other real asset managers including infrastructure, timber, land, agriculture, and energy.

We offer highly customized approach to each of our clients in order ensure that they are distinguished from the vast competitive landscape. We are highly selective and take only a limited number of investment managers for private placement services to make sure that we are offering investors only the best, fully vetted, and top-quality facilities.



Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds are optionally convertible bonds issued in a currency other than Indian Rupees. A convertible bond is a mix between a debt and equity instrument, while Global Depository Receipt refers to any instrument in the form of a depository receipt or certificate created by an overseas depository bank outside India and issued to non-resident investors against the issue of ordinary shares of the Issuing Company. Global Depository Receipt facilitates the trade of shares, especially those from emerging markets. Prices of GDRs are often close to the values of underlying shares.

We at FinX offer services to assist companies to raise funds through international markets in the form of FCCBs and/or GDR through our global connections and networking via various Merchant Bankers across the globe.


Going public is an important step for unlisted companies to pursue future growth. Getting listed helps to access capital markets and procure funds directly. FinX provides the services as an advisor to the management and the owners of the organization functioning as an independent financial officer, thereby providing assistance relating to the complete IPO process.
Thereafter, the services like undertaking public company compliances shall also be provided. In the process of pre and post IPO, FinX helps in providing an efficient team of experienced advisors for appropriate steps required in IPO support, to meet a diverse range of clients’ needs.


In today’s complex marketplace, we assist our client in valuing their enterprise and its related assets with an understanding of the requirements of the stakeholders involved.
Valuation opinion requires the right blend of analysis, experience, and professional judgment. FinX’s valuation service is characterised by independent valuation advice and an absolute commitment to providing exceptional client service.
We use robust valuation procedures which are aligned with globally accepted practices, considering a 360-degree view of the requirements of valuation.


We recognise the unique requirements of venture capital funds. Our services are tailored to client’s specific needs and delivered through our client-centric model supported by state-of-the-art technology platforms with a multi-jurisdictional operational capability.
We are proud to work with venture funds across the world. We provide an agile and responsive service to support our client to succeed in a fast-paced and rapidly changing, complex business environment. Detailed investment analytics reporting including performance tracking, attribution analysis, and exposure reporting allows you to access and monitor the performance of your investments with ease.


For savvy businesses, angel funding is a popular topic. Most information and resources out there will tell you that there’s no such thing as free money for your business. This is generally true, except in the case of angel funding.

This type of investment is often done by anonymous individuals or groups who see potential in a business and want to help it without the requirement of repayment. FinX provides you with the platform to present your case effectively in the Angel funding space.

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